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Corticosteroids to decrease inflammation, statins to stabilize plaque, aspirin, or dipyridamole amputation for irreversibly necrotic toes vascular surgeon referral within 12–24 hr of ed visit prevent further embolic events by a thorough investigation and correction of the source of atheroemboli. Medication aspirin: 81–325 mg/d cilostazol: one hundred mg b. I. D. Clopidogrel: 75 mg/d heparin: 80 u/kg bolus iv followed by 18 u/h iv pentoxifylline: cardinal mg t. I. D. Disposition admission criteria all patients with aai are admitted for evaluation and revascularization. Cai: consider admission for rapidly progressive claudication or ischemic pain at rest: to undergo heparinization and angiography to rule out an acute thrombosis atheroembolism admission indicated with large areas involved, significant pain, infection, or renal compromise discharge criteria atheroembolism: if they have small lesions, adequate pain control, no evidence of renal compromise or superinfection, and follow-up within 24 hr cai: no evidence of rapid progression, critical leg ischemia, gangrene, or infection issue for referral cai will need urgent referral to vascular surgery. 10 mg viagra enough Atheroembolism, depending on the origin of the emboli, may need referral to vascular surgery or to cardiology. where can i buy viagra tablets Follow-up recommendations cai without acute ischemia and atheroembolism with minimal involvement should have close follow-up to evaluate the extent of their disease. [general] grenon sm, gagnon j, hsiang y. Ankle–brachial index for assessment peripheral arterial disease. viagra without a doctor prescription N engl j med. 2009;361:e40, summary and video. 10 mg viagra enough Hirsch at, haskal zj, bakal cw, et al. Acc/aha guidelines for the management of patients with peripheral arterial disease. J vasc interv radiol. 2006;17:1383–398. 10 mg viagra enough Liewaand yp, bartholome jr. Atheromatous embolization. Vasc med. 2005;10:309–326. great viagra jokes Momsen ah, jensen mb, norager cb, et al. generic viagra online Drug therapy for improving walking distance in intermittent claudication: a systematic review and meta-analysis of robust randomised controlled studies. buy viagra without prescription Eur j vasc endovasc surg. does viagra work for women too 2009;38:463–474. Norgren l, hiat wr, dormandy ja, et al. Inter-society consensus for the management of peripheral arterial disease (tasc ii). J vasc surg. 2007;45:sa5–s67. White c. Intermittent claudication. N engl j med. buy viagra canada 2007;356:1241–1250. See also arterial occlusion venous insufficiency icd-9 443. 9 peripheral vascular disease, unspecified snomed 400047006 peripheral vascular disease (disorder) authors sally santen © wolters kluwer health lippincott williams & wilkins peripheral vascular disease i. buy cheap viagra viagra canada online Date Created: Mon Oct 11 08:48:38 2010